How to Choose the Best Ruby and Diamond Ring?
May 9, 2014

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6.04 Carat Natural Red Ruby And Diamond Cluster Ring 14K Solid Yellow Gold

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The Best Ruby and Diamond Rings

Now you have everything you need to know to choose the best ruby and diamond rings. To make your job a little easier, we looked at one great option to consider below.

Ruby And Diamond Cluster Ring 6.04 Carat Natural Red 14K Solid Yellow Gold 

Key Features

* Cluster Design

* Heat Treated African Ruby

* Color – Red, Hue – Purple

* Band: Gold

* Gemstone Weight: .87ctw (Middle Ruby), 4.87ctw (Aspect Ruby)

* Diamond Weight: .30 carat

* Ring Weight: 6g

* Certificate Supplied

This striking ruby and diamond cluster ring will definitely draw all eyes on the wearer. Comprised of one large middle ruby, encompassed by eighteen smaller rubies and ten small diamonds dotting the outer design, this is a beautiful ring that is sure to stand out. The benefits of using numerous smaller rubies in this stunning cluster design are no joke. The use of one single ruby at the size of this ring would be accompanied by a hefty price tag. Instead, the use of multiple smaller ones keep costs way down but definitely don’t sacrifice on bling factor.

The rubies in this ring are heat treated African rubies with no glass or led filling. Due to the rarity of quality rubies found today, it is extremely rare to find a Ruby that doesn’t need heat treatment to improve its clarity. However, the fact that this has no glass or led filling is a huge draw as you know that what you’re getting is 100% ruby. There are no synthetic materials used here and you’ll have a certificate to prove it.

This ruby and diamond ring has a wonderful deep red color, that falls in the medium tone category and has excellent saturation. The secondary color is purple, which is neutralized well by the yellow gold setting. The gold band also adds a striking contrast to the deep red, giving off a sense of romance and passion. The diamonds, too, do a great job of reflecting light off the rubies and adding a lovely sparkle that’s even more impressive in natural sunlight. All of the elements in this design come together to highlight the red of the rubies and showcase a great example of killer combination of ruby, diamond and gold.

With the middle ruby weighing .87ctw, the aspect rubies weighing 4.87ctw and the diamonds coming in at .30 carats, this ring has a total weight of 6 grams. On the heavy side, the weight of this ring provides a solid presence that ensures you never forget it’s there – those who see it certainly won’t! – and is certainly necessary to support the magnificent cluster design.

You won’t have to worry about the quality of this ruby and diamond cluster ring either as it comes with a free certificate that tells you all you need to know. Buying a ruby and diamond ring can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first time, but with the proper certification, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for.


The only possible drawback I found to this ring is the weight. With a total ring weight of 6g, this is a heavy ring. That may seem intimidating but actually may prove to be more of an advantage than a disadvantage. The ring feels slightly heavy on your finger, yes, but not uncomfortable. In fact, the weight gives a good sturdy, solid presence that always lets you know it’s there. A heavy, sturdy band is necessary to accommodate the multiple rubies and diamonds on this ring. For such a treasured ring as this one, this can be an odd sort of reassurance. When worn, I felt the weight provided a reliable assurance that it was in fact, still on my finger and hadn’t accidentally fallen off as I had gone about my day to day routine. Knowing it was always there gave me an unexpected boost in confidence that I didn’t expect and was a surprising advantage to this ruby and diamond ring.

Final Thoughts

If you’re wondering how to choose the best ruby and diamond rings, this is a wonderful option to consider. The stunning cluster design is fashionable and eye-catching, while the beautiful contrast between the ruby’s red and the gold band give a striking contrast that gives it a touch of regal beauty. A wonderful choice for anyone looking to invest in their first ruby and diamond ring, or for the avid Ruby enthusiast looking to add to their collection.


Colored gemstones are having a huge revival in popularity these days, especially as more and more people seek something a bit different to the traditional diamond ring. Ruby is the rarest of the big gemstones and can therefore be an intimidating stone to shop for. Now that you know how to choose the best ruby and diamond ring, you can shop around with confidence. With the overwhelming amount of option out there, we recommend the Ruby and Diamond Cluster Ring 6.04 Carat Natural Red 14K Solid Yellow Gold for its timeless beauty and elegance. You can’t go wrong with this classic piece that will make you ooze class and confidence.

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